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Using biomedical visualization technologies to decode and to explain the sophisticated scientific & visual language

Hi! I'm LiuYue, a scientific visual Communicator


What I want to improve:

I’m always trying to communicate scientific data and concepts by creating beautiful visual designs. I also realize that even the well-designed figures/diagrams can be really hard to understand as novices are not familiarizing with the visual elements and conventions used in these complex graphic designs. Thus, to improve learners’ diagrammatic literacy, I will also dedicate myself to the teaching of visual elements meaning and their specific arrangements in figures.

My Specialties:

Content development & storytelling


Every visualization project starts with the background researches and conversion of complex contents into straightforward stories. I will ensure everything I visualize and explain here is accurate and clear.


I always summarize the learning difficulties that I personally experienced in daily life and try to ask myself how can I simplify them by using visual technologies.


Visual solutions to conceptual difficulties

2D/3D didactic illustrations


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Interactive design


Interactive technologies would be one of my favorite options to communicate science as it allows users to control the pace of the story-telling and to facilitate active learning.

ViraLiterate:  A Web-Based Visual Literacy Teaching Resource for Undergraduate Virology

ViraLiterate is an online educational resource designed to help undergraduate virology students interpret and create a complex diagram that is employed many times in the course readings: viral transcription maps (TM).  This resource will be incorporated into an upper-level undergraduate virology course in the Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. 

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